General information

Our philosophy is to share our passion with our guests. 

We want to offer you the best possible experience. 

For that reason we only welcome groups of 1 family, or 1 group of friends. You will only participate with people you know!

This way we can be more flexible and adapt to the needs of each unique group. Children are welcome, (for some activities we have age or weight minimums).

From our seasonal program, we can offer special events for groups (max 20 adults excl. children), weddings, proposals, birthdays etc,...



Enjoy a sportive walk being pulled by a sled dog.

You will be equipped with a special belt that connects you to the dogs' harness by a line with shock absorber. The dog will pull you so you will experience how powerful the dogs are, and meanwhile discover a new way of hiking in nature.

You can read below our tour information and you can always contact us for custom requests.

We offer tours from 1 hours up to a full day activity program.


Östomsjön hike


The hike starts in our kennel on the east coast of the Särna lake. We will hike on forest tracks, and climb on the hills surrounding Särna to have an open view of the area. When we are back we will take the dogs to the lake to refresh them. 

You can combine this hike with a kennel visit, or fikka / BBQ activity.

This activity is great for young kids.

We offer 3 circuits:

45 min / 1h30 / 2h

Fjätfalen hike


Beautiful hike beside the water in Särna, we will follow the river and reach the point where it reaches the lake, and see a waterfall. 

You can choose between easy hike, or a little more technical but spectacular track. 

3 different hikes:

45min / 1h / 1h30

The easy track is recommended for children.

Fjätervålen hike


Exploring the Fjätervålen area in summer by different tracks. 

You can choose if you want to climb to the top of the mountain, walk around, or visit the waterfalls. 

Fjätfalen circle: 1h30

Hike to the waterfall: 1h30

Climbing to the top of Fjätfale: 3h hike, including breaks


Custum hike


From our standard hike offers, we can organise a lot of others circuits to discover lesser known places around Särna and Idre. 

We offer also half or full day trips with lunch, other activities and overnight trips. 

All are available with different levels of difficulty and adapted to your wishes and needs.

Kart Adventure

You are welcome to ride in our karts and enjoy a peaceful ride in nature without any sound or gas pollution.

This activity is ideal for a family with younger children in order to discover dog sledding in the summer.

It is also possible to combine this with scooter activities for even more fun.

This activity is also perfectly adapted for people with limited physical mobility so you can come and explore the forest and nature.


Särna ride


Enjoy summer sledding in Särna!

Ride on our karts as they are pulled along forest roads from our kennel to the top of the hill where we will take a break before coming back. 

You can combine this activity with a kennel visit. Perfect for small kids.

1h activity

Tyskvalen trip


You want a longer trip, deeper into the forest? This is the tour for you. 

We will start in the middle of Särna forest, and explore forest tracks.

You will also participate and learn about how to build a team and care for the dogs.

We offer tour durations of 2 or 3 hours